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Plant Types that Benefit from Endomycorrhizae Fungi

Plant Types that Benefit from Endomycorrhizae Fungi

There are a number of plant species that benefit from endomycorrhizae, sometime just called mycorrhiza. These microscopic fungi help make soils more fertile and alive.

Endomycorrhizae, or vescular arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM for short), form symbiotic relationships, sometimes called mutually beneficial relationships, with about 90% of plants. This relationship is thought to date back over 400 million years. So plants and mycorrhizae have evolved together.

Endomycorrhizal fungi form an intercellular attachment with plants between the cell wall and the cell

Endomycorrhizal fungi
Plants that benefit from Endo mycorrhizal fungi.

membrane. This attachment facilitates the transfer of nutrients and water from  the fungi to the plant. The fungi form branched structures within the root system of the plant. These branched structures greatly increase the surface area of the roots, enabling the plant to gather much more water and essential nutrients.

Endomycorrhiza benefit a number of important plants. Here’s a partial list.


Plants that Benefit from Endomycorrhizal Fungi

Acacia Coral Tree Lily Raphiolepis
Acapanthus Corn Locust Raspberry
Alder Cotton Mango Redwood
Alfalfa Cottonwood Magnolia Rice
Almond Cow Pea Mahogany Rose
Apple Crab Tree Mahonia Russian Olive
Apricot Cucumber Maples (all) Ryegrass
Artichoke Currant Marigold Sagebrush
Ash Cypress Melons (all) Sequoia
Asparagus Dogwood Mesquite Sorghum
Avocado Eggplant Millet Sourwood
Bamboo Elm Morning Glory Soybean
Banana Euonymus Mulberry Squash
Basil Fern Nasturtium Strawberry
Bayberry Fescus Okra Sudan Grass
Bean Fig Olive Sugar Cane
Begonia Forsythia Onion Sumac
Black Locust Foutain Grass Pacific Yew Sunflower
Blackberry Fuschia Pampas Grass Sweet Potato
Box Elder Gardenia Palms (all) Sweet Gum
Boxwood Garlic Papaya Sycamore
Bulbs (all) Geranium Passion Fruit Tea
Cactus Grapes (all) Paw Paw Tobacco
Camellia Grass Peas Tomato
Carrot Hemp Peach Violets
Cassava Herbs (all) Peanut Watermelon
Ceanothus Hibiscus Pear Willow
Celery Holly Pepper Wormwood
Cherry Impatiens Pistachio Wheat
Chrysanthemum Jojoba Pittosporum Yam
Citrus (all) Juniper Plum Yucca
Clover Kiwi Poinsettia Yellow Poplar
Coconut Leek Potato
Coffee Lettuce Pumpkin

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